5 Ways to Upcyle Old Furniture

There is a rising trend in reusing old furniture you can buy from thrift shops compared to buying new ones that could cost you thousands of dollars. If you love to do a little diy here and there. Upcycling may be one of the things you would love to do on the fly. You can visit a thrift shop or a pre-loved furniture store and take your pick with that. It is hundred times cheaper and it gives you a chance to check out your creative skills in action.  

Old Furniture

There are many ways to upcycle a furniture like staining cabinets and many more and this article will give you some ideas on how to do just that. There are cheap ways you can do that or you can even go out on a limb and invest on a little bit more pricier materials but the end result would still be the same depending on your handiwork.   


You can use chalk paints to bring an otherwise boring furniture to life. You can paint an old chair with a pretty color of chalk paint and put it in the room paired with the right colors and you get yourself a pretty color that you can enjoy in the room without worry. Just make sure that you spray it with a good coat of sealant so you also got that covered.  


This one goes for a more steam punk themed room. It doesn’t even have to be that as long as the look fits whatever you are going for. The upcycle is pretty simple you’ll just use pipes for the knobs or paint it a pretty color of a more industrial looking building. You can change its trims for more industrial look. It all depends on that.  


You can paint a furniture with all the pretty shades of gray in different finishes. You can truly bring out a beauty of a furniture with only two colors. You can even go for the same color but with a different finish. The result is astounding and subtle but still doable. Gray is a pretty neutral color and that could mean that it would fit in anywhere you put it.  


You don’t have to repaint the furniture into a whole new color you can just restain it or paint it with the same color and finish but add a character to it. Like maybe a funky detail or an out of place feature that will make it unique. You can do this without compromising its functionality. So, you;ll have to consider that before you go crazy with it. 


Same with the fourth point, you can totally just restore the look of the furniture and change a little detail here or there. You can add an upholstery with funky patterns or a different solid color. Whatever your preferences are. The good thing about this is that you can totally diy this without as much of a problem. There are many tutorial videos available out there.  

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