Living in a place where it is a bit moist and hot would be a place where mosquitoes would love to stay. A lot of houseowners would not like these mosquitoes to stay at their home as it causes many kinds of diseases. Sometimes, they have to hire someone who is an expert when it comes to pest control Wichita KS. This kind of problem is very common to countries located in Asia and Africa. A lot of people don’t know that mosquitoes can actually lay their eggs inside your house. There are many spots and areas in our homes where they can naturally live and stay there until they hatch their eggs. This will result to a number of mosquitoes flying in your kitchen and even to your garden.  


If you forgot to clean your air coolers at home during summer season and the water from it is still there. There would be a big possibility that they would lay their eggs there and stay there until everything is cleaned. They really wanted to stay in a place where moisture atmosphere is present.  That is the reason why you need to check every time your fan cooler if you have already removed the water from it.  

Another place where they love to stay and live is in your garden. They can be seen from the pots of the plants and even to the bushes. If you stuck some old tires as well there, then this is the best spot to look for them. A lot of home owners usually consider having an indoor plant in a pot. This is a natural situation that you allow the mosquitoes to get inside and breed. If you are having this kind of way, then you should make sure that before putting the potted plant, you have to let the plant absorb the water first before letting it place inside the house. Make sure to let the plants on your plant be watered outside. For your garden, you need to check as well if there is excess water from the pot tray. Clean your garden from time to time as well.  

For most people, it would be very easy for them to look for the home of mosquitoes in the gutter or eve to the roof of your house. It could be on your drainage as well. During the heavy rain, the water rain will fall into the gutter of your house. This will be the best place or area for them to lay eggs as it is wet and cool. Not only to mosquitoes but also to different kinds of insects. In order for this one not to happen. You have to check and clean your pipes and gutter after a heavy rain. Remove the dry leaves and other things that may cause or reason to block the water passage. 

Lastly, the bathroom or commonly called toilet. This is that part of the house where we can consider damp and usually wet. In order for you to get away from this problem. You need to make sure that there is no water stuck in the pail. You may open to the window for ventillation.  


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